Fixing a problem or just plain ol' relaxation

Aromatherapy is the biggest stress buster known to man! It utilises plant based essential oils and a light soothing touch to relax to the max.

Remedial addresses specific problem areas that have become tight or sore.

Sports is for people enjoying physical activity and who want to keep it that way by stopping injuries developing.

Swedish is a traditional full body massage to loosen and invigorate.

I invested a year with studying full-time for four accredited diploma courses, training in massage therapy. I had the opportunity to do this in Sydney, Australia from 2001-02. During this year I trained in Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage, as well as Integrated Bodywork. The 4th diploma that was gained was Sports Injury Therapy with Sports massage validation.

The Australasian College of Natural Therapies is a renowned and reputable college providing a broad range of vocational and tertiary courses. The college operates a student-run, public-facing clinic, the Think Wellbeing Centre, where students are able to practice on paying clients as part of their required coursework. Each clinic session is supervised by a qualified and experienced practitioner. This level of training has ensured that each treatment is safe and effective for you, the individual client. 

What to choose?

As I offer all the various massage treatments, I don't ask you to book any specific style in advance. If you're unsure what you need or what might suit you best on the day, we can have a discussion at the consultation and I will offer my opinion.

I'm all about tailoring the service to you, so you get the best treatment for you.


1 Hour massage treatment 

Any Style

If you have not been to the clinic before then choose this option. This will allow sufficient time for the consultation and the treatment itself. One hour gift certificates can be used for this option. Just chose gift certificate when on the fullslate booking system.


30 minute massage treatment

Any style

If you have been to the clinic before then you may chose this option. The half hour booking is great for maintenance sessions, a specific problem reviewed or for a back, neck and shoulder de-stress. Half hour gift certificates can be used for this option, only if the client has been to see Siobhan before.


Carers Massage

This free massage, is offered to those people that have been referred through the PKAVS Carer scheme. Just click on the care massage option when you go to the Fullslate booking site.

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